SP-J1009: Portable Diode Array Spectrometer

CMS has designed a portable diode array spectrometer. It is based on a Zeiss MCS instrument and is available as laboratory or weatherproof outdoor system. Entrance optics for global irradiance and direct radiant flux measurements allow a wide range of use. Absolute calibration can be performed with the portable spectral irradiance source KS-J1011.


UV-NIR diode array spectrometer for indoor evaluation of solar simulators. It consist of a diode array spectrometer and an entrance optics with near perfect match to the cosine response (DIN 5032) to measure the spectral irradiance [mW/m²]. The coupling of the optic to the diode array spectrometer is realized by quartz glass light guide to allow maximal flexibility.
Wavelength range: 350 - 1050 nm.
FWHM: <2 nm

USB2000-LOG: Microcontroller Card Ocean Optics USB2000

The USB2000-LOG is a microcontroller card designed for the Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer (CCD-array). The data are logged to a SD-card.
The result is a compact and flexible stand alone logging system, with no moving parts.

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