We offer a range of high quality Transfer- and Calibrationtandards to calibrate spectrometers and radiometers, for spectrale irradiance ([W/m²/nm]) in the UV/VIS/NIR range and photometric units ([lm], [cd]). They are traceble to PTB or NPL.
Our current controlled QTH lamps (Quartz Tungsten Halogen) require a high stable powersupply.

Wavelength range: 200 - 2500 nm.

Order Nb.NameTransportabel
101101KS-J1011 ks-j1011.jpg Transportable calibration standard for spectral irradiance (Halogen lamp, 200 W). Lamp easy to change.

Wavelength range: 250 - 2500 nm.

101102KS-J1011-CASE KS-J1011-CASE.jpg Transportcase for the KS-J1011 including accesory. It is well-produced with special foam matting.
It offers place for one portable field calibraor KS-J1011, two 200W quartz halogen lamps (KS-J1011-LAMP).
101103KS-J1011-LAMP KS.jpg 200 W calibration lamp for the KS-J1011. Supplied with special holder including cover for save transportation and storrage. It requires a constant dc power supply at 6.3 amps.

1011xxKS-J1011-ADAPT-xx ks-j1011-hold1.jpg Variety of adaptors to connect different entrance optics to the calibration standard.

101111KS-J1011-ADAPT-BREW UV-J1015-Stabtest.jpg Adapter allows attaching the KS-J1011 to the Brewer spectrophotometer. It is a special baffle and distance adaptor that needs no additional alignment work. A white curtain with black inside blocks environmental radiation from the surrounding which makes outdoor calibration possible.

101189KS-J1011-PANDORA-CALIBRATION-KIT UV-J1015-Stabtest.jpg The Calibration Kit is a source of irradiance to routinely calibrate and check the stability of the spectral response of a Pandora spectrometer. The kit replicates the laboratory calibration method at a high level of accuracy.

Order Nb.NameLabor
101128KL-200 KL-200_105.jpg Calibration standard (Halogen lamp, 200 W) for spectral irradiance.
Connector: M6

Wavelength range: 250 - 2500 nm.

KL-100 50W
KL-100 100W
KL-100 150W
KL-100 250W
KL-100_105.jpg Calibration standard (Halogen lamp, 50-200 W) for spectral irradiance.
Standardversion @ 100 W
Connector: M6

Wavelength range: 250 - 2500 nm.

Order Nb.NameErsatzlampen
101107 QTH-200 200W QTH-200_105.jpg Lamp (QTH, 200 W, 250 - 2500 nm) current controlled fits to KL-200 und KS-J1011-LAMP.
QTH-50 50W
QTH-100 100W
QTH-150 150W
QTH-250 250W
QTH-150_105.jpg Lamp (QTH, 50-250 W, 250 - 2500 nm) current controlled fits to zu KL-100.
DXW1000_105.jpg Lamp (QTH, 1000 W, 250 - 2500 nm, 120 V) current controlled. Double ended. Total length 95mm. Filament 22mm.
Order Nb.NameStromversorgung
J1017_105.jpg Constant current power supply 300W (6.4A) and 600 W (12.5A). Internal micro controler, USB interface, DAC with 0.2mA current resolution. Ramp function for current-On/Off.
The power supply is used also to drive a ventilation van of the KS-J1011.


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