Optic: RSR-J1001

The optic RSR-J1001 is a special designed optic which allows on an easy and reliable way to measure the relative spectral response of a broadband radiometer.


For field measurements and easy carying of measurement equipment we provide insulated, sealed and weatherproof boxes in different sizes.
Optionally the boxes can be fitted with a temperature regulation module (heating and cooling) to keep a constant temperature inside the box during long measurements in harsh environments.


Dry Air Pump - J1020

The dry air pump re-circulates air through the connected elements. This air is also passed through a drying tube. The desiccant changes colour when saturated and should be replaced. The drying agent can be easily changed.


The 2 axis positioner with weatherproof housing offers a continuous 360 angular travel and a pan range from -90 to +90. The accuracy of max. 0.1 allows reliable solar tracking as well as head for arbitrary points in the sky.


To mount the J1024-POSITIONER positioning unit on measurement stations we offer the J1024-MOUNT mounting socket.



The track.dll MATLAB extension provides a tracker control interface to MATLAB. Up to 223 individually addressable trackers on a single COM port are supported.
List of available functions:
move tracker to absolute position in azimuth and elevation
move tracker by relative angle in azimuth and elevation
move tracker with constant angular velocity in azimuth and elevation
read position as provided by the tracker's internal position encoder

Positioning Systems

It is often required to move or turn a sample for different puroses. In our complete measurement systems this is realized by our space-efficient stepper-motor positioning systems.

Rotary table: ME-J1005

The rotary table ME-J1005 is designed for experimental setups in the laboratory. It is equipped with a 2 phase, high torque stepping motor and a precision gear. The gear ratio is 9:1, corresponding to a rotation of the turn table of 0.2 per full step of the stepping motor.

Optical table: J1021-OPTAB

The J1021-OPTAB is a general purpose optical table with passive air isolators. The table minimizes vibrations between position sensitive components on the table and the laboratory floor. Adjustable levelling feet's allow a quick and easy initial setup. Once pressurized (air supply), regulators allow to level a not centred payload.
Different dimensions are available on request.

Rack: J1021-RACK

The rack J1021-RACK provides a clearly laid out assembly and transportable system for PC, Monitor and a different number of electronic instruments. One drawer offers place for keyboard and mouse.
Different dimensions are available on request.

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