Support & Service

We offer full technical support and service on our manufactured products. If you require assistance with your CMS products or need to return it to us for service please follow our guidelines below.
Service/repair activities can be carried out at our distributor offices. However, some operations require equipment at the head office in Austria. Replacement parts are available for customers who wish to service their own instruments.

Product Support Contact
Contact us with your tasks. Our technical engineer will help you. You can reach us at any time.
Tel.: +43-5332-77056-00

Returns procedure
Please contact your local distributor for the return of goods to CMS. Your local distributor can be found here.

  1. Complete a RMA (Return Material Authorization) form.
  2. * Download RMA form as a PDF file or as a Word document.
    * RMA request form must be completed and shipped with goods.
    * The customer assigns a RMA number. This number can be used to track the return.
    * Insert the RMA tracking number in RMA form.
    * Include any observations or comments regarding the instrument.

    * Customers outside the European Community download IPR form instead of RMA:
    If you are unable to return the goods via your distributor please complete the IPR form (Inward Processing Relief). Failure to complete the IPR form correctly may result in your company being charged for not necessary import duties. Any import duties (together with any service charge) may be applied to subsequent invoices.
  1. Pack the instrument in its original shipping carton.
  2. * Mark the RMA number on the outside of the carton.
    * Send cabling, power supplies, etc… only if relevant to the repair.
    * Please clean the product of any substances such as dust, ... before shipping.
  1. Email or send the completed RMA form with the shipment.
  1. Use the following shipping address:
    • CMS - Ing. Dr. Schreder GmbH
      (RMA# _______________)
      Lofererstrasse 32
      6322 Kirchbichl

  1. Ship via parcel service, or other traceable method.
  2. * Insure parcel against damage and loss.
    * The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.
  1. We will prepare an estimate of service expenses. You will be contacted with the estimate at which time authorization can be given to proceed.

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