Transmission of Sunglasses

The transportable Measurement system SP-J1023-Demo-GOGGLE is developed to characterice the transmission of sunglasses and sunglare filters. The spectral resolved Transmission [%] is masured by a combination of a light source and a Diodearray Spectrometer. A data sheet protocols the relevnt data according to EN ISO 12311 (Personal eye protection - Sunglasses and sunglare filters for general use)

Solar Cell Reflectance measurement

The transportable reflectance measurement system J1030-REFLECTANCE is developed to measure the spectrally resolved reflectance of different material samples in the VIS to NIR wavelength region. The reflectance in [%] is measured with a diode array spectrometer and an integrating sphere which is connected via a quartz light guide.

Fully Automated Lamp Characterisation System

a fully integrated and automated lamp measurement facility for testing and characterising ceramic metal halide lamps ranging in power from 15W to 1kW. An integrated sphere based spectroradiometer is cobmined with software selected control gear (power supply, ballasts and ignitors) and electrical measurement instrumentation to allow complete lamp characterisation. The lamps are mounted on a turntable allowing lamp orientation to be rotated in 5 degree intervals, 0-360 degrees.
An easy-to-use Windows software provides access to the full measurement procedure and results(Reference ballast selection (15W to 1000W); Ignitor selection (or electronic); Applied voltage and frequency selection; Lamp stabilisation time and monitoring; Spectral power distribution (spectral flux, 250-1700nm); Colour temperature; Colour rendering indices; Chromaticity co-ordinates; Emission peak wavelengths; Total lumens; Lamp flicker (%); Lamp extinction voltage; Sphere/ambient temperature;...).

SCQE - Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency measurement system

This system represents a very high quality measurement solution for the determination of the quantum efficiency of solar cells.
An adjustable monochromatic and a bias-light source allow an exactly defined and consistent irradiation of the probe. A lock-in amplifier system provides high sensitivity and accurate measurement results; the wavelength range goes from 300nm to 1100nm.
The system can be customized to fit the customers dimensional needs. Furthermore it is possible to integrate it into an existing measuring station.

Sun Bed Testing / Phototherapy (PUVA) measurement system

It is the ultra violet (UV) emission from sun tanning appliances that produce the sought after effect of the pigmentation of the skin, yet it is well documented that over exposure can lead to undesirable short- term as well as serious long- term effects. In several countries and for export to the USA, these devices have to be certified according to the respective regulations and instructions.
The system can be equipped with individual options and is sold as special, custom solution for present measurement requirements. It is possible to configure this system, with a few minor additions, to permit the measurement of the transmission of protective eye wear for users of such tanning appliances.

In vitro UVA testing of sunsreen products

The HODMS (High Optical Density Measurement System) performs the accurate measurement of UV transmittance through thin film sunscreen samples in strict accordance with the COLIPA guideline "Method for the In vitro Determination of UVA Protection Provided by Sunscreen products".

The need to measure highly absorbing samples in the UV requires the system to have a large dynamic range. Therefore, high sctattered light rejection within the system is essential. The system is based on the DTMc300 double monochromator which has excellent scattered light rejection proven in many demanding UV applications. Absorption levels over 6 decades (down to 6 O.D.) can be measured with confidence.

Solar Simulator Characterisation

Transportable doublemonochromator measurmement system to characterise solar simulators in the UV-VIS range.

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